Friday, May 18, 2018

Switching from device to manual tugging

     I've been using devices from the beginning. This year marks the 7th year of my restoration journey. I'm around a CI 3 at this point. The changes in sensitivity are great, I love it and I would never go back. I'm thinking there is a more efficient way of restoring though. After reading some online accounts, people have been able to get very speedy progress with manual methods instead of devices:
Since you are a tight CI-1, and you want to see some results soon, my advice to you is to tug the scar line all around your penis for very short periods of time, as many times a day as possible. This is basically what manual method 3 is. It is called cyclic tensioning, and it is very effective way to restore your foreskin. I kept the length of my sessions to 2 minutes, and I tugged hourly from the time I woke up until I went to bed at night. With this very aggressive restoration routine, I managed to go from a CI-3 to a CI-8 within a year. If you can do this type of regiment, you should have at least a CI-3 or 4 by the end of the year.
     It makes sense, giving the skin time to heal. And it fits that general rule of taking it slower and steadier rather than intense, long durations of stretching with the device. I wear my device for 4-5 hours a time, if not for the entire day. I'm now dropping the device, my CAT II Q, and continuing on with this method. Progressing 3 CI levels in one year seems much more effective, and this guy went up 5 CI levels with more frequent manual tugging!

Till next time.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Update 5/29/2017

It's been a while. I'm still restoring of course. Normally I don't tug during the night, only during the daytime do I apply the DTR. I recently went on a trip during which I basically wore the damn thing all day, 24/7. It was uncomfortable at times but bearable. I was just so focused on other things while being in a completely new environment, and I wasn't about to switch devices for a retaining cone without the privacy of being in my own home. That taught me that it was definitely possible to wear the DTR for (almost) 24/7 with tension.

I continue as ever.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


As somebody who was circumcised as an infant, my own frenulum has been reduced in definition. I would describe it as being worn down and away until it has partially fused with the penis shaft from years of abrasion against underwear. There is a remnant remaining behind. The lower part of the frenulum still resembles the original flap structure. In terms of sensitivity there are traces of erogenous feeling along the flap, though nothing striking in sensation. Still, it's a feeling both different and welcome: It gives a gradually increasing pleasurable sensation, unlike the more immediate pleasure experienced in the glans. Traveling up the shaft, the frenulum flap of skin remaining spreads out into a small flattened diamond-shaped mound of flesh just under the center of the glan's underside. There is very little sensitivity along the raised middle of the diamond- shaped mound, which underwent the most clothing abrasion. However along the lower sides of the mound there is an intense, almost painful sensitivity (the same sensitivity felt when touching the more sensitive regions of the glans). The reason this difference of sensitivity exists is because the mound's raised middle suspends underwear fabric above the lower sides, saving them from as much abrasion. The circumcised can only wonder what a completely protected frenulum would have felt like: painfully sensitive all over the structure.
Frenulum remnant
Different angle

I'm sure restoring some sensitivity to the remaining frenulum (particularly the diamond mound) would be both possible and a rewarding change. Unfortunately when I'm sleeping at night and wearing loose underwear, often the retaining cones I wear fall off through the night. The DTR doesn't fall off when I'm wearing it overnight, however I voluntarily remove the device whenever I wake up in the middle of the night due to discomfort from having tugged for an extended period of time. I would then apply a retainer and experience the same problem of them falling off midsleep. This often leaves the underside of my entire penis exposed to rub against the sheets. Because sensitivity returns with only continuous avoidance of abrasion, the process of regaining frenulum sensitivity is impeded.

I'm not particularly worried about this. I know that it's only a matter of time before the frenulum is continuously protected once I have full foreskin coverage from restoration, at which point the frenulum can regain sensitivity relatively quickly. Still, it is encouraging to know that some parts of the frenulum are extremely sensitive. If that level of sensitivity can spread to more of the frenulum, I feel that would be a pleasure game changer.