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Nov 9 2015

I've started another experience blog page for my take on another device, the CAT II Q tugger. Be sure to check out the page:

I will update with a follow-up review video of this device after getting used to it. Enjoy and stay posted!
Feb 16 2014

Switched rod out for smaller one, and rubber band tension for springs. Dual tension has become second nature. Smegma is common. 


 Dec. 11,2013. 
Do not let restoration discourage you. many times your skin can look like it did the day you started restoring. keep it up, it's worth it. Switched to a 7 inch aluminum rod. Reverted back to using the tlc x rubber band set up. I forget about it and progress seems reasonable as usual. 

Note: dekretanization is a process. there's lot more to come after simply starting to wear a retainer. people have said that true dekretanization only kicks in when youve reached C-5 ( this is because when you have enough skin that covers half your glans or more while flaccid, the guaranteed coverage is a lot more consistent than wearing a retainer.


March 14, 2013:

I've had a realization after seeing another restorer's progress. 

From his pictures, he made incredible progress in little over 7 months. Averaging out the weekly tugging time to 70 hrs/week, I found that this guy would tug for 10 hrs a day, easily. Embarrassingly  I've barely used my tugger for 2 hrs/week recently. That's precisely why I'm not even at his 3-month progress point, yet I've been restoring on and off for a year. To recap: I need to get serious. Daily wear without straying off course.  


March 12, 2013:

With a new bunch of boxer briefs, I have profited wonderfully from not having to have my retainer cone come loose over night. In addition, as your coverage increases, it becomes even more rare for the retainer to come lose in any case. I highly recommend buying well-fitting boxer briefs/briefs. Frenulum sensitivity is slowly coming back, which is something I have incredibly never known. Glans sensitivity is also increasing, noticeably on the underside, where abrasive contact used to occur every night back when my retainer fell off There is a permanent overhang of skin whilst being flaccid that reaches but doesn't quite extend over the corona yet. 

I've mentioned comparing penis sensitivity on a scale of 1-10, with a 3 being circumcised at birth, and a 10 being a normal penis (which I can only estimate). People say a 7 is what you can expect from restoration, but I'm guessing its closer to an 8 with the groundbreaking progress I've made when I'm only so far in the process. With no relative 10 to compare to, I will say I'm at the 5.5 mark: serious improvements yet still worlds away from completion. I have made a serious jump from a 4.5 since last posting, and the reward can be truly appreciated only in person. 

The most impacting moment since our last checkup was when, at one point, I felt that, with the improvement I had made, I could be genuinely satisfied with restored penis throughout life, which is a powerful feeling, one that is perhaps around the corner for some of you. Carry through guys; it's at times cumbersome but you'll be glad. So glad. 


Sept 23, 2012: 

I have ceased using the Tugger for a while now and instead am using the skin cone solely. After having the cone fall off practically every night, new boxer briefs have been able to keep the cone on, allowing for constant coverage and protection. I've noticed this consistency has also resulted in progress for skin growth! It goes to show that slow and steady surely has a spot in the race.

March 9, 2012: 

I'm very pleased to see that hangover is almost always visible after removing the TLC-X. Though it lasts less than a minute, the sheer feelings of skin remaining where it should is thrilling, and the same goes for seeing it retain the position. I have been using the tugger strapless lately, because the strap's safety pin blew out, and I have yet to replace it. Problems include having the tugger release the front of the foreskin, which happens often. However, positioning has become increasingly easier/quicker with more skin to work with. The tugger is practically impossible to keep on at night, and the same goes with the Skin Cone. The fact that I can't retain or tug consistently, and having the glans unprotected for the remainder of the night. Nevertheless, more skin is will possibly help retain consistently eventually. And I will surely continue forth on this modern day quest. 

The Beginning...
I'll tell you, the second I put the tugger on today, on Christmas Eve, I felt like I should have done all this time. I was watching the final episode of This Is England '88, a British TV miniseries about young adult drama in England, and I felt like I was one of them. An uncircumcised Brit teen, not having to bother with  circumcision wounds. I purchased a couple Smiths songs as well. It made me happy, genuinely so. I could still feel the abrasion and the sting of my penile damage, but I also felt healed in a way. Thoughts flew into my head about how my quality of life was going to get better from here. So many scenarios and lifestyles I have dreamed about in my blog are just beginning to open up. A Merry Christmas to you all!

January 5, 2012:

I'm surprised with the speed of the TLC X's effects. I have already noticed the beginnings of the slightest, yet definite, independent hangover. Some reason to that must be the good amount of preparation through retaining (more than a year's worth), having potential waiting to be unlocked. It is comfortable enough, and you can easily get through the day without problem. The screw however, tends to slip past the curvature of metal wiring on the cone intended to keep the screw in place. This results in the pusher not being securely fastened into positioning, usually retreating back up into the white silicone. Hopefully I will work my way around this issue, and I'm starting to try by having the pusher extended less. So far it's been a positive experience.

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