Restoring Possibilities

     Being an avid researcher of what exactly a circumcised man can do for himself, I have accumulated valuable information throughout my 1-2 years as an in-activist. There are two types of restoration out there: stretch-pulling, or stem cell surgery (not available yet). Look at both options carefully before deciding a path to choose.

     The first and more widely available type is stretch-pulling. This is where the remaining skin of the shaft is stretched and tugged, till new skin is made through a gradual process of mitosis. The shaft skin is pulled at the circumcision scar line (the ring of scar tissue left by surgery), forward towards the penis's end. With prolonged tension, new skin cells will form and will eventually extend over the glans, giving protection from everyday abrasions from clothing. Sensitivity of the penis will increase noticeably, especially the inner skin and glans, and more so with constant skin coverage. This can be done in different ways:

The most efficient way of tugging would probably be from the usage of devices. Those who are new to restoration and require efficiency should look into these, with prices ranging around $100. The big three on the market as of now are the following:

TLC - With a variety of models and sizes, the TLC is probably the best choice for those new to restoration, and requiring efficiency. The original product is the TLC Tugger. Made from silicone cones and assorted straps, this device takes some time applying, and patience getting used to. The TLC Tugger X is a self-tugging device, with no straps needed to apply tension. It has a suspension system that provides dual tension, which offers faster results with more convenient applying, but certainly covers those perks well with a price hike.  I recommend the Skin Cone for situations where you need simple retention of the skin (e.g. sleeping, activity requiring high mobility). For further information, check out the TLC website. The maker and seller of TLC, Ron Low, is said to be a great help in finding the right size for customers.

CAT- The CAT II (current model) is a more bulky model. In this case, theres only one price: $75; probably for the intermediate or those with the money to spend. It's a bidirectional-tensioned device, and made from hard plastic cups in the same general configuration as the TLC Tugger X.  The reviews have so far seemed to be solid, and is a decent instrument. The CAT has a website as well, with more details on prices.

DTR- The DTR is the third big guy. The shape is also very similar to the CAT II, but is made from a lathe-carved cylinder of hard silicone. Similar strong reviews have come from the DTR, mentioning convenience and durability. This is the most expensive, at $90. In finality the owner isn't the nicest guy around, which can be seen when arguing about the price.  DTR has it's own website for more information.

Devices: These tools can be quite efficient with results that will leave you satisfied and more. The are priced well up there, especially for those adolescents without the means to spend large amounts of money. If they are available, these are the top choices in device tugging in the market, and can't have much wrong done. However, one of the few inconveniences is the unwanted stretching of skin at the base of the penis. While a natural penis has skin staying close to the shaft and scrotum, the tension from devices will give all the skin some amount of tension, which can leave to loose skin around curved places such as the end of the scrotum and the shaft's base. 

Manual stretching exercise are also popular and can be helpful to those restoring at any point of progress. Daily repetition and duration will help speed the process along, and supply some cosmetic benefits additionally. Tape methods such as the cross taping and T-tape methods are not recommended, as they can cause uneven tension at four points of the shaft, causing ugly stretch marks and sometimes bleeding. 

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Surgery is a possibility in the future that is still in the process of perfecting. Organs, ears, and other body parts have been successfully grown from this amazing science. Since the foreskin is a relatively simple part of the body, a flap of mucous membrane, there is a good chance foreskin regeneration will become a possibility. However, when exactly this surgery will be available isn't certain. I recommend you take control of your life now with the methods at hand using foreskin restoration WHOLE HEARTEDLY. The organization Foregen is currently fundraising for research and development of foreskin stem cell regeneration: