Friday, May 18, 2018

Switching from device to manual tugging

     I've been using devices from the beginning. This year marks the 7th year of my restoration journey. I would saw I'm around a CI 3 at this point. The changes in sensitivity are great, I love it and I would never go back. I'm thinking there is a more efficient way of restoring though. After reading some online accounts, people have been able to get very speedy progress with manual methods instead of devices:
Since you are a tight CI-1, and you want to see some results soon, my advice to you is to tug the scar line all around your penis for very short periods of time, as many times a day as possible. This is basically what manual method 3 is. It is called cyclic tensioning, and it is very effective way to restore your foreskin. I kept the length of my sessions to 2 minutes, and I tugged hourly from the time I woke up until I went to bed at night. With this very aggressive restoration routine, I managed to go from a CI-3 to a CI-8 within a year. If you can do this type of regiment, you should have at least a CI-3 or 4 by the end of the year.
     It makes sense, giving the skin time to heal. And it fits that general rule of taking it slower and steadier rather than intense, long durations of stretching with the device. I wear my device for 4-5 hours a time, if not for the entire day. I'm now dropping the device, my CAT II Q, and continuing on with this method. Progressing 3 CI levels in one year seems much more effective, and this guy went up 8 CI levels with more frequent manual tugging. 

Till next time.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Update 5/29/2017

It's been a while. I'm still restoring of course. Normally I don't tug during the night, only during the daytime do I apply the DTR. I recently went on a trip during which I basically wore the damn thing all day, 24/7. It was uncomfortable at times but bearable. I was just so focused on other things while being in a completely new environment, and I wasn't about to switch devices for a retaining cone without the privacy of being in my own home. That taught me that it was definitely possible to wear the DTR for (almost) 24/7 with tension.

I continue as ever.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


As somebody who was circumcised as an infant, my own frenulum has been reduced in definition. I would describe it as being worn down and away until it has partially fused with the penis shaft from years of abrasion against underwear. There is a remnant remaining behind. The lower part of the frenulum still resembles the original flap structure. In terms of sensitivity there are traces of erogenous feeling along the flap, though nothing striking in sensation. Still, it's a feeling both different and welcome: It gives a gradually increasing pleasurable sensation, unlike the more immediate pleasure experienced in the glans. Traveling up the shaft, the frenulum flap of skin remaining spreads out into a small flattened diamond-shaped mound of flesh just under the center of the glan's underside. There is very little sensitivity along the raised middle of the diamond- shaped mound, which underwent the most clothing abrasion. However along the lower sides of the mound there is an intense, almost painful sensitivity (the same sensitivity felt when touching the more sensitive regions of the glans). The reason this difference of sensitivity exists is because the mound's raised middle suspends underwear fabric above the lower sides, saving them from as much abrasion. The circumcised can only wonder what a completely protected frenulum would have felt like: painfully sensitive all over the structure.
Frenulum remnant
Different angle

I'm sure restoring some sensitivity to the remaining frenulum (particularly the diamond mound) would be both possible and a rewarding change. Unfortunately when I'm sleeping at night and wearing loose underwear, often the retaining cones I wear fall off through the night. The DTR doesn't fall off when I'm wearing it overnight, however I voluntarily remove the device whenever I wake up in the middle of the night due to discomfort from having tugged for an extended period of time. I would then apply a retainer and experience the same problem of them falling off midsleep. This often leaves the underside of my entire penis exposed to rub against the sheets. Because sensitivity returns with only continuous avoidance of abrasion, the process of regaining frenulum sensitivity is impeded.

I'm not particularly worried about this. I know that it's only a matter of time before the frenulum is continuously protected once I have full foreskin coverage from restoration, at which point the frenulum can regain sensitivity relatively quickly. Still, it is encouraging to know that some parts of the frenulum are extremely sensitive. If that level of sensitivity can spread to more of the frenulum, I feel that would be a pleasure game changer.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

DIY skin cone retainer tutorial- under $5 and 1 minute!

I mentioned before how great a skin cone retainer is. 

Someone had the genius idea of turning a baby bottle silicone nipple into a retaining cone. I had to try it out. It worked impressively well as a retainer.

I went to Walmart and bought a $5 package of 2 Playtex nipples:

I also bought some from the Philips brand

 Before and after

I cut off the brim around the nipple base, and then snipped off the top. Then I inverted the nipple to get a rounder shape. There, a home-made retainer!

Before inverting, make the un-inverted bell look like these pictures:

Like this...
...and this


Unsure of how well it would work, I wore it for the day and overnight while I slept. This retainer worked fantastically well. It never slipped off once. It worked just as the TLC Your Skin Cone I bought for from the TLC Tugger website ($10 plus shipping). In fact I forgot I was wearing the nipple retainer and not the TLC  Skin Cone. It was that effective. Granted, I was wearing tight, boxer-briefs underwear. The nipple retainer would probably fall off the penis when wearing loose underwear. 

That said, if you wear tight underwear or clothes this DIY retainer does the job splendidly. For under $5, you can make two of them in a few seconds. If you are new to foreskin restoration and want to give it a try, you can use this for a few weeks and feel the difference in sensitivity. You'll be so glad you did. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Adhesi-Med/ Miracle Restoration Adhesive review

Another review. This time.... The Adhesi-Med adhesive with the adhesive remover spray. It is also known as the Miracle Restoration adhesive, which also comes in a spray form.


Citri-Med Remover

Price for 1.35oz Adhesi-Med and Citri-Med Remover: $29.99

     Back when I used the TLC X tugger device, it would slip off my skin frequently when under strap tension. The texture of its silicone base and cone made it prone to slipping. Every hour I would have to reapply the device which adds up in this day-to-day lifestyle choice of restoring. After I lost the TLC X, I opted for trying the DTR device to avoid that hassle. I also bought the adhesive to make sure slipping doesn't happen. It turns out the DTR doesn't slip off practically ever, so the adhesive wasn't necessary. Still I tried it out and found out a few things.
     My Adhesi-Med came in a bottle with a brush for application. The brush is built into the cap. Mine snapped off when I was opening the bottle the first few times. Not very sturdy! Had to use tweezers to pluck out the small brush. Otherwise it worked fine.

Brush has snapped off the cap
     The Adhesi-Med is meant to be applied to the device, not directly to your skin. Directions are to apply it and wait 30 seconds for the right consistency. When wearing devices with adhesive there will be no slipping at all. The adhesive just has too much of a grip. Your skin won't be going anywhere. Less is more, you just need the lightest of brushes. With any more adhesive, removing the device may start to take more time. It is that effective! You can also use the adhesive on any silicone skin retaining cones, though the silicone texture already gives enough traction.
     There are also downsides to this adhesive. When you remove and put back on tugging devices with Adhesi-Med, a thin film of powdery dust/dirt/skin particles starts to coat the adhesive. The more removing and replacing the device, the more powder accumulates and the adhesive loses its grip.  Eventually the device will have less grip than without the adhesive. This takes about 6-8 cycles of removing and putting back on the device to start seeing progressively reduced grip. 1-5 cycles and you still have plenty of grip.
     Use the Citri-Med adhesive remover spray to melt away the adhesive and wash it away. This works effectively and quickly. Good product. I was worried the citrus-based remover would sting on sensitive parts of the penis, but luckily this spray causes no discomfort whatsoever.
     The expensive price was almost a deal breaker. It costs $30 for the both of these products, and it is the cheapest priced package on the seller's website. If you want a spray form adhesive, it is $50 total. Yikes. The good thing is that one purchase lasts forever if you store the products correctly. You need so little amounts at a time.

     Get this adhesive if you are having frustration with regularly slipping devices. I didn't need the adhesive with the DTR but I did need it with the TLC X Tugger. My TLC X Tugger would pop off 50% of the time with strap tension. Ask yourself how many times your device needs to be taken off and reapplied on a daily basis? How many times does your device slip off accidentally? Do you use strap tension? Do you tug overnight? People who tug overnight can apply adhesive before bed and go to sleep knowing their device won't slip off throughout the night.
     It is expensive. Make sure you have a good use for it.

Monday, December 12, 2016

managing displaced pubic hair

Pubic hair grows on the skin at the base of the penis shaft. This skin region can move up higher on the shaft when tugging the skin. As a result, after finishing restoring foreskin, the pubic hair will be located further down the shaft than before.

Circumcised and Unrestored 

Circumcised Penis under Tension

Hair Has Moved Down the Shaft

This is a problem. Though the penis shaft is normally smooth and hairless, now there are some hairs all along the shaft. This change is unsightly, for one thing. Also, the new shaft hairs will get in the way when tugging with devices or tape.  

For the hair on the shaft, I've found manual eyebrow shavers to work the best. I use the brand called "flamingo feather" (Can be found on eBay) and it lets me precisely remove hair on the shaft.

     The flamingo feather eyebrow shaver:

I also now have an electric razor. I've been not wanting to trim my pubic hair for risk of cutting myself. But now I have a few safety guards to prevent nicking myself. I can take care of a lot more hair a lot more quickly with these tools.

Ideal Result with Shaft Hair Removed

Monday, September 19, 2016

August 2016

I have had enough time to formulate a review. Here it is.

The CAT II Q is a short device with a wide bell. The wideness of the bell causes a mild cutting sensation in my skin after long-duration wearing. Removal of such a bulky bell also can be painful when the skin is tender from wearing the device a long while. I use a little glazing of the Miracle Restoration Spray, which is a glue-spray that makes your foreskin restoration devices stay on without slipping. The device doesn't slip off with the spray, unless there is dust on the glue. The device gets a lot more dirty when wearing it compared to other devices. The surface of the CAT is somehow harder to remove dirt from. It might be the glue itself that is causing the dirt to be stubborn.

You do get a good amount of solid tension. It is very reliable to have steady, strong amounts of tension on your skin for as long as you leave it on. It is just not comfortable after a while. Do not get the hard plastic push plate, get the soft, malleable one. The plastic push plate had a relatively sharp ridge that cause breakage of skin after applying tension for a long while. I contacted the seller. He just said to shave it down myself to a round ridge edge. I wasn't happy, and wished he sent a replacement push plate that was properly smoothed down, not be asked to do it myself.

Have I continued to wear this device? No, I stopped wearing it after a few months to switch to the DTR device. I don't get the cutting sensation from the wide bell shape or the push plates. The DTR is longer and stands out underneath the underwear more, and takes up more space. But despite all this, the DTR is more comfortable and therefore is preferable ultimately.

Pros of CAT II Q
-Powerful tension
-Tension doesn't slip
-Device doesn't fall off

-Uncomfortable after a short while wearing the device
-Gets dirty and hard to clean (with the glue spray)
-Poorly smoothed push plate, lazy workmanship on this little part