Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It's been a while since I tuned in for an update. I'm still going strong with using the DTR device, and only that tugging device. Simply put, the TLC-X slipped off too often, and the CAT ii Q was too painful. The DTR slips rarely and is much more comfortable than the CAT.

I've been increasing my slack skin at flaccid stage. There is always a fold of skin all around my shaft. The sight is encouraging for me. Another positive is waking up with an erection with my skin retained using a silicon bell. I feel the erection is fully formed and firm and there is now enough skin for coverage over a full erection. There is no more uncomfortable stretching feeling in my shaft during these moments, just comfortable coverage. A wonderful feeling.

I will keep on going. For me, myself who has yet to feel a fully restored foreskin. And for the many followers who have picked up on this journal. There is no going back! :)

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