Thursday, December 1, 2011

Correlation with circumcision and global problems

     As much as I want to believe, in a way, that the problems of the world are sourcing from the horrors of infant circumcision, it is hard not to be biased into thinking such theories. But the connections between the  issues all around the world seem to point in some form to their common use of the surgery. Starting at home, in the United States.
     There's no question that the land of Liberty has been scrutinized in the eyes of nations, as it made aggravating actions in its globular pulpit. With accusations of uncalled for aggression in policing matters that are foreign to them, people begin to ask why is America so different? Its a melting pot of people, formed on revolutionary ideas of resistance to authoritative monarchies. It led the world undoubtedly in many aspects of life. But what calls for the need in loud barks and equally painful bites? Is it James Polk's Manifest Destiny echoing hungrily for territory beyond the accomplished Pacific coast? Perhaps the world's richest nation is eager to show her strength by helping others, all the while ignoring the occasional scufflings with bystanding nations. America's wealth isn't the only thing of fame it has, not including the steady supply of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. From only the roots of the 20th century, America has developed 70% circumcision rates on a given day, varying by states to up to 85%.  With a high end economy and much room to grow in, America has ended up with some of the HIGHEST amounts by nation in population censuses.
     I implore you now, to imagine being circumcised if you are not, and vice-versa if you aren't, and imagine what life would be like in that other person's shoes. Would you act the same way; would you be the same person as you had been all your life? My strong and definite reply would be impossible, in no way could you perform similarly when such an impacting factor in your life is at stake.  A foreskin acts as a man's protection for his glans. I do not have the luxury of knowing this from experience, but can certainly see from their perspective with limited imagination. It's a man's last layer from the world, a shell that refrains him from being totally exposed/vulnerable. They are meant and are there to protect the glans and inner foreskin, a source of incredible sensitivity. It is simple and vital common sense that such potential joy and pain would be protected naturally. The mind wouldn't be distracted from circumcision's resulting feeling of insecurity, vulnerability, and pain. This is an ordinary trait that holds importance incomparable in the formation of a man, his soul, and his mind.

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