Monday, December 12, 2011

The X Factor Advantage

     I stand by my sincere opinion that, in the small test-catalyst of my suburban hometown, those who are intact have a different scope of life. For the passionate, outspoken individuals, they wield an unadulterated rawness in living.
     This teen boy, named Boris (AW!), from Switzerland came to study abroad in my Algebra class. He was very small, and I mistook him for a grade younger than I was. He turned out to be a year older than I. What soon became a tradition for the both of us in math class was good-natured battering. We each targeted each other's respective nation's landmarks; the more treasured the better! I would let loose on the rather small-sized Swiss land. He took fire on our California's own Lake Tahoe. Throughout the hallow bashes, I developed a bond with this guy, someone who could joke and pay an earnest effort in learning.
   His persona cant be replicated in text, but perhaps a reader can visualize a smiling, slender, compact face lined with premature laughter creases and squinted eyes closing in on black irises brimful with joy. And his voice comprising of a bubbly, Swiss accented squeak. Tan skin lines show all signs of healthiness and livelihood. 
   I admire him being at peace with his academics, being at a lower math lane than his age group(I mentioned before that he was a year older than I). After an arm-wrestling match, or a quick chat I saw him revert back to a role model student, looking with respectful attention towards the teacher. He had no sense of being overqualified to listen attentively. He had a balance with learning and laughing, which I can only imagine was the norm back in his home country. 
   While students at my high school have an academic triathlon to elbow their way into a top-tiered school, little Boris went after a 4 year jog. Incredibly, his country yields the 4th highest nominal GDP. All these signs lead me to believe that the Swiss, and other similar minded countries know how to live the right way:calmly, steadily, and effectively. 
     Sophomore year, 10th grade, I had a physics class with quite the odd experience. I was disappointed in being put in such an easy class, and hated it. Soon however, I accepted it, and decided the rare leisure available at high school. Another foreign student was in the same class, this time from Denmark.  
     Firstly, I made the wrong connection that this kid was put into the class for having something off with him, and that was one explanation for his deep, stuttering speech. Soon I found out it was being a foreign student that was the reason for his way of talking, and that he was from Denmark. I noticed definitely and rapidly what simply a good guy he was. 
     The main group of my friends grew up in what I know as and to be our brand of 'American humor'. I must say the jokes shared at school do give a good laugh, but at the expense of foul languages, filthy ideas, and usually defacing a student. He had his own brand of giggles, made in Denmark. He made simple jokes, nothing complex or really intricate. He wouldn't include badmouthing others, and never a direct insult. It was the kind of humor that made you feel comfortable, something that didn't sap emotion being next to day in and out, the another breath of fresh air. 
     I thought about what was the reason for his ability to stay on the good side of others, and not end up in occasional bickering that I couldn't stop finding here in America, and theorized that his protection down there gave him no sign of insecurity, or dissatisfaction edging him on to act aggressively and negatively. It was his (there's simply no other word for it) purity that both educated me on the full spectrum of circumcision, and not to forget its damage in all aspects, as well as inspiring me to strive for that essence of good character. 


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