Monday, September 19, 2016

August 2016

I have had enough time to formulate a review. Here it is.

The CAT II Q is a short device with a wide bell. The wideness of the bell causes a mild cutting sensation in my skin after long-duration wearing. Removal of such a bulky bell also can be painful when the skin is tender from wearing the device a long while. I use a little glazing of the Miracle Restoration Spray, which is a glue-spray that makes your foreskin restoration devices stay on without slipping. The device doesn't slip off with the spray, unless there is dust on the glue. The device gets a lot more dirty when wearing it compared to other devices. The surface of the CAT is somehow harder to remove dirt from. It might be the glue itself that is causing the dirt to be stubborn.

You do get a good amount of solid tension. It is very reliable to have steady, strong amounts of tension on your skin for as long as you leave it on. It is just not comfortable after a while. Do not get the hard plastic push plate, get the soft, malleable one. The plastic push plate had a relatively sharp ridge that cause breakage of skin after applying tension for a long while. I contacted the seller. He just said to shave it down myself to a round ridge edge. I wasn't happy, and wished he sent a replacement push plate that was properly smoothed down, not be asked to do it myself.

Have I continued to wear this device? No, I stopped wearing it after a few months to switch to the DTR device. I don't get the cutting sensation from the wide bell shape or the push plates. The DTR is longer and stands out underneath the underwear more, and takes up more space. But despite all this, the DTR is more comfortable and therefore is preferable ultimately.

Pros of CAT II Q
-Powerful tension
-Tension doesn't slip
-Device doesn't fall off

-Uncomfortable after a short while wearing the device
-Gets dirty and hard to clean (with the glue spray)
-Poorly smoothed push plate, lazy workmanship on this little part

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