Monday, December 12, 2016

managing displaced pubic hair

Pubic hair grows on the skin at the base of the penis shaft. This skin region can move up higher on the shaft when tugging the skin. As a result, after finishing restoring foreskin, the pubic hair will be located further down the shaft than before.

Circumcised and Unrestored 

Circumcised Penis under Tension

Hair Has Moved Down the Shaft

This is a problem. Though the penis shaft is normally smooth and hairless, now there are some hairs all along the shaft. This change is unsightly, for one thing. Also, the new shaft hairs will get in the way when tugging with devices or tape.  

For the hair on the shaft, I've found manual eyebrow shavers to work the best. I use the brand called "flamingo feather" (Can be found on eBay) and it lets me precisely remove hair on the shaft.

     The flamingo feather eyebrow shaver:

I also now have an electric razor. I've been not wanting to trim my pubic hair for risk of cutting myself. But now I have a few safety guards to prevent nicking myself. I can take care of a lot more hair a lot more quickly with these tools.

Ideal Result with Shaft Hair Removed

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