Tuesday, December 27, 2016

DIY skin cone retainer tutorial- under $5 and 1 minute!

I mentioned before how great a skin cone retainer is. 

Someone had the genius idea of turning a baby bottle silicone nipple into a retaining cone. I had to try it out. It worked impressively well as a retainer.

I went to Walmart and bought a $5 package of 2 Playtex nipples:

I also bought some from the Philips brand

 Before and after

I cut off the brim around the nipple base, and then snipped off the top. Then I inverted the nipple to get a rounder shape. There, a home-made retainer!

Before inverting, make the un-inverted bell look like these pictures:

Like this...
...and this


Unsure of how well it would work, I wore it for the day and overnight while I slept. This retainer worked fantastically well. It never slipped off once. It worked just as the TLC Your Skin Cone I bought for from the TLC Tugger website ($10 plus shipping). In fact I forgot I was wearing the nipple retainer and not the TLC  Skin Cone. It was that effective. Granted, I was wearing tight, boxer-briefs underwear. The nipple retainer would probably fall off the penis when wearing loose underwear. 

That said, if you wear tight underwear or clothes this DIY retainer does the job splendidly. For under $5, you can make two of them in a few seconds. If you are new to foreskin restoration and want to give it a try, you can use this for a few weeks and feel the difference in sensitivity. You'll be so glad you did. 

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