Saturday, December 17, 2016

Adhesi-Med/ Miracle Restoration Adhesive review

Another review. This time.... The Adhesi-Med adhesive with the adhesive remover spray. It is also known as the Miracle Restoration adhesive, which also comes in a spray form.


Citri-Med Remover

Price for 1.35oz Adhesi-Med and Citri-Med Remover: $29.99

     Back when I used the TLC X tugger device, it would slip off my skin frequently when under strap tension. The texture of its silicone base and cone made it prone to slipping. Every hour I would have to reapply the device which adds up in this day-to-day lifestyle choice of restoring. After I lost the TLC X, I opted for trying the DTR device to avoid that hassle. I also bought the adhesive to make sure slipping doesn't happen. It turns out the DTR doesn't slip off practically ever, so the adhesive wasn't necessary. Still I tried it out and found out a few things.
     My Adhesi-Med came in a bottle with a brush for application. The brush is built into the cap. Mine snapped off when I was opening the bottle the first few times. Not very sturdy! Had to use tweezers to pluck out the small brush. Otherwise it worked fine.

Brush has snapped off the cap
     The Adhesi-Med is meant to be applied to the device, not directly to your skin. Directions are to apply it and wait 30 seconds for the right consistency. When wearing devices with adhesive there will be no slipping at all. The adhesive just has too much of a grip. Your skin won't be going anywhere. Less is more, you just need the lightest of brushes. With any more adhesive, removing the device may start to take more time. It is that effective! You can also use the adhesive on any silicone skin retaining cones, though the silicone texture already gives enough traction.
     There are also downsides to this adhesive. When you remove and put back on tugging devices with Adhesi-Med, a thin film of powdery dust/dirt/skin particles starts to coat the adhesive. The more removing and replacing the device, the more powder accumulates and the adhesive loses its grip.  Eventually the device will have less grip than without the adhesive. This takes about 6-8 cycles of removing and putting back on the device to start seeing progressively reduced grip. 1-5 cycles and you still have plenty of grip.
     Use the Citri-Med adhesive remover spray to melt away the adhesive and wash it away. This works effectively and quickly. Good product. I was worried the citrus-based remover would sting on sensitive parts of the penis, but luckily this spray causes no discomfort whatsoever.
     The expensive price was almost a deal breaker. It costs $30 for the both of these products, and it is the cheapest priced package on the seller's website. If you want a spray form adhesive, it is $50 total. Yikes. The good thing is that one purchase lasts forever if you store the products correctly. You need so little amounts at a time.

     Get this adhesive if you are having frustration with regularly slipping devices. I didn't need the adhesive with the DTR but I did need it with the TLC X Tugger. My TLC X Tugger would pop off 50% of the time with strap tension. Ask yourself how many times your device needs to be taken off and reapplied on a daily basis? How many times does your device slip off accidentally? Do you use strap tension? Do you tug overnight? People who tug overnight can apply adhesive before bed and go to sleep knowing their device won't slip off throughout the night.
     It is expensive. Make sure you have a good use for it.

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